Derived from the nitros you know and love, these 1/8th scale electric buggies are the most powerful class on the track.

Any 1/8th buggy with electric running gear. Up to 4 cell lipo and open motor size.


1/10th scale 2WD buggies are probably the most challenging class to master. If you can tackle these beasts you can drive anything.

1/10th scale 2WD buggies with open motor and 2 cell lipo.


The fastest, most nimble class on the track, and are the F1 cars of the RC world. They're also easily the most popular class.

1/10th scale 4wd buggies.  Open motor and 2 cell lipo.


Short course trucks are based on the real stadium truck racing seen at the V8 supercars. They're sturdy and fun to race with bumper to bumper action.

Any 1/10th 2wd short course truck with open size motor.  2 cell lipo.  1/8th wheels are allowed.


These are four-wheel drive versions of the short course trucks with impeccable handling that makes for fast and entertaining racing.

Any four-wheel drive short course truck with open size motor and 2 cell lipo.  1/8th wheels are allowed.


If you're new to the game, the novice classes are where you start regardless of age.

Any 2wd or 4wd buggy is allowed, but discretion is a must.  This is where you race to learn how to drive your vehicle.


The SCT novice class is the perfect starting point for beginners, with club trucks available to hire. What are you waiting for? Give it a go.

This class is for any beginner that owns a truck that is bigger than the buggies.  This can include SCTs, monster trucks and truggies.